My story

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves ~Unknown

This quote really hits me in the heart. I will never forget the moment my life changed forever because of a simple sentence. A complete stranger, who is now one of my best friends, told me I could have everything I ever wanted in this life. I just had to do the work and that I was the only thing standing in the way of that dream life. Not knowing what that meant then is all too clear now and was the very catalyst of my own personal healing journey and my purpose.

My journey as a healer started when I became a massage therapist in 2003. I continued on that path for 13 years until my soul begged for my attention with physical signs in the body that it was ready for more. Not fully knowing what that was, I reluctantly decided to move into manual osteopathy. This drastically changed my life in many ways, but the most profound one was how much it shifted me from within. Isn’t it amazing how the things that you are the most resistant to, are the very things that will change you fundamentally. Learning the different modalities from manual osteopathy brought me into the world of energy work and me closer to my gifts.

I was a person who was detached from my emotions and as a defence mechanism I would shut my emotions down entirely. Later, to learn that this defence mechanism is actually a trauma response from what I experienced and suppressed as a child. Working as a manual osteopath, I quickly learned how much the emotional body plays a massive role on one’s physical well-being and how much emotional trauma I was bringing to the surface within my clients. The universe has a sick sense of humor, how am I supposed to deal with other peoples emotions when I can’t even deal with my own? This is what lead me into taking the love and authenticity coaching course, where I learned how to get to the root of the emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and the patterns that were showing up not only in my clients but in myself, transmute them, learn new perspectives and ultimately choosing to create a life I wanted to live.

Even after digging deep into my subconscious and emotional body and making great strides, I was still hitting road blocks in my life. There were still so many unanswered questions as to my negative internal dialog, my low self-worth and self-confidence. This is how true colors came into my life. As I had mentioned earlier, I had suppressed a traumatic experience in my life when I was 2 years old and because I was doing the work, it resurfaced 38 years later. To this day, I do not recall the events on a conscious level, but my body does. Most of my limiting beliefs and programming seem to be attached to this experience and I had no idea how to reach it in the subconscious. Through intuitive body painting, true colors brought to light how much trauma my body stored in the tissue beyond the conscious mind and unlock the deep layers of trauma I wasn’t even aware of and brought it to the surface. This was such a profound modality that despite never picking up an artist brush in my life, I jumped at the chance when the opportunity of learning this modality presented itself.

I went from not only being a massage therapist to also becoming a manual osteopath to a coach to somewhat of an artist and molding my personal experience with the knowledge I gained from all of the different modalities I learned. I am no longer just a….. I am an intuitive energetic body practitioner who listens to the body to help people get out of chronic pain, break free of limiting beliefs and patterns and choosing to live a life that makes them happy and more aligned with their true selves. I am truly blessed to acknowledge that all my experiences through my professional and personal life, good and bad, have led me here and I am now so grateful and honored to be able to share it with you!

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Lets get to work!