Just like this beautiful butterfly, dare I say, we are all a bit broken. While most people believe that trauma has to be a severe distressing event such as sexual or physical abuse; the body doesn’t. Trauma is any emotional or physical experience where you feel there is no resolve which typically forms a limiting belief with emotions attached to it. In most cases, these limiting beliefs are formed in childhood. All trauma is equal and there is no scale as to how severe it is from one experience to the next because all limiting beliefs and programming are detrimental in creating a life you love. Once a limiting belief is formed, you are continuously being triggered by these limiting beliefs and emotions. When you choose to ignore the trigger response or push them down you are in fact creating an emotional blockage in the fascia, energetic body and/or the organ systems. The cycle will continue on repeat until you choose to deal with the root emotional trauma that was created in the first place.

When I decided to take manual osteopathy, I had no clue about limiting beliefs and trauma not to mention that I had any emotional trauma of my own, my childhood was “normal.” However, I had a severe trike accident at the age of 10 that I believed contributed to my chronic tension in my back, neck, jaw and shoulders. When I would get any type of manipulation done, such as massage, I would leave feeling like I got hit by a truck. The sessions gave little relief and the tension would just come back. Now, what does that say about being a massage therapist myself?! Not to mention the countless clients that would come in with the same concerns repeatedly, what was I missing?

Just as I was detached from my emotions, I was equally detached from my body. Little did I know that the body holds inherit wisdom and all the answers. While in school, we had to practice on each other to learn the different modalities and this was a huge turning point in my life. This was when I started connecting into my body. I will never forget the day my head just wanted to keep moving from side to side and I just allowed it. Pain would surge through different areas of my body and I would start crying for no reason or I would leave school feeling triggered. Later, I learned that I was having an emotional response and releasing stuck trauma in my fascia system and energetic body. I was a completely different person when I completed my courses, who was left feeling lost in many ways. By experiencing these modalities, it had started opening me up to the emotional traumas I didn’t know I had and was ready to deal with. I had also noticed that my chronic tension had begun to soften, change and improve. Throughout my career, I have noticed that this was another key component I was missing in treating the body! If you do not connect the mind to the emotional body, treat and release the emotional blockages and energetic body on both physical and psychological planes, no matter how much deep tissue massage you get, the chronic tension and pain will not go away and the trauma stays stored in the tissue.

The body has the amazing ability to  heal itself naturally. Trauma, repetitive stress or emotional stress, for example, causes the  body to dysfunction. As part of the healing process, the body will always migrate to function with most ease. However, this is how misalignment, shortened tissue and decreased range of motion evolve, often resulting in pain and discomfort that can be presented in a variety of different symptoms. In most cases the root of the problem is no where near where the symptoms occur. Using a gentle, hands on approach, me as the practitioner, assists in the natural healing of the body to get to the root of the problem by applying a whole body approach to healing. By listening to the body, connecting the mind to the body, it works to restore proper mechanics and improve function in structure, musculoskeletal, visceral, nervous and circulatory systems and nurture emotional releases by utilizing different modalities, bringing the body back to its natural balance.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is made up of fibrous connective tissue called collagen. It attaches, stabilizes, surrounds and separates muscles, internal organs, nerves and blood vessels. It also prevents friction between moving tissues and has a rich nerve supply of its own. Trauma, repetitive stress, inflammation and surgical procedures create myofascial restrictions that produce tensile stress on tissue, resulting in pain and restricted movement. Myofascial release is a technique that applies slow, elongating movements to bring fluid back into the fibers to create glide and reduce friction between muscle layers, increase range of motion, and decrease tension within the body.

Visceral Manipulation

This modality is used to break down fascia restrictions within or surrounding an organ to restore full movement and function of that organ. The malleable organs include liver, stomach, large and small intestine, gallbladder, uterus, prostate, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and bladder. The techniques are small, gentle movements that have profound effects on the entire body.


Craniosacral is a practice based on understanding rhythmic, subtle movements of the cranial bones and fluctuations of the cerebrospinal fluid within the spinal cord and brain, which effects the Central Nervous System. It is a gentle, non-invasive technique where the therapist gently works with the body, including the spine, sacrum and skull. The therapist is able to detect disturbances in the cranial sacral rhythm which helps identify areas of dysfunction in cranial, sutural, and other soft tissue restrictions in the body, as well as calm and/or reset the nervous system.

Somato-Emotional Release

This is a therapeutic process that uses and expands on the principles of Craniosacral Therapy to connect to the emotional blockages stored in the body through trauma experiences and even times where physical injury caused an emotional response to be trapped in the tissue. Initially, the body accommodates to the presence of the blockage, but over time the body weakens or tires of this accommodation and can develop symptoms of pain, dysfunction, or emotional stress. During a somato-emotional release session, the therapist works with the client to explore and release unresolved emotions and traumas by using techniques such as gentle touch, guided visualization, and dialogue. The therapist holds space while the client accesses and processes these buried emotions, allowing for their release and resolution. This process can lead to profound healing on both physical and emotional levels.


  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Headaches and migranes
  • Whiplash
  • Gastric Reflux
  • TMJ
  • Post Surgery
  • Head injury and concussions
  • Postural conditions
  • Sciatica
  • Fatigue or insomnia
  • Digestion
  • shifting mindset to positive, worthy, confidence, self-love
  • living a happier, more fulfilled life
  • becoming limitless


  • 60 min $
  • 90 min $
  • Coaching $
  • True Colors $555.00

*If session goes longer than an hour and you wish to continue $1.00/min will be an additional charge.