About Me


My name is Charmen Kuzio, I am so grateful and lucky to have found my passion in life. One of the exciting parts of my career is being challenged by complex issues and find what the cause is.  No two individuals have exactly the same symptoms, issues or concerns. What excites me the most is treating each case as uniquely as every individual. I am fascinated with the complexities of the human body and enjoy learning different techniques that focus on looking at the body as a whole. This philosophy empowers me to be more effective and efficient at treating my clients while providing longer lasting results. My mission is to provide a safe, relaxing space where I will be determined to do my best to give you quality service and the best treatment i can possibly give you.  Every body needs balance and I will truly strive to find yours.

Grant MacEwan College- Massage Therapy Diploma

National Manual Osteopathic College-Manual Osteopathy Diploma