True Colors

True colors came into my life just before I had a realization that I as sexually assaulted at the age of 2 and suppressed it until I was 40. I was driving back from a healing retreat and it hit me, hard. My mind does not recall a single thing but my body sure does. It seems that most of my programming is tied to this experience. Once this new information came to mind my low self confidence, low self worth, my relationship with my body and sexual experiences all made more sense. But how was I to heal something I don’t even remember?

True Colors

A unique experience of body painting that is intuitively guided to tell the untold story of your true inner soul. This offering is a place to create space to be truly vulnerable and dig deep within to uncover your unknown and unrecognized stories by inviting them to the surface through colour so they can be transformed and transmuted for your true self to shine through as bright and beautiful as you always were and are.


As you are welcomed and greeted into the space – I like to sage and set an intention before the session to clear any energy that is not yours. As you settle in, we begin a meditation to bring awareness into the body and open your heart space. You are fully naked for this experience. The water based paint is applied to the skin with brushes. Your eyes are closed for the entire session, so no peeking! I am guided intuitively as to where, how and what colours to use. This whole process can take anywhere from 4 – 6 hours during this time we have the opportunity to dig deep into your story. Once the painting is done, the reveal in the mirror takes place where you MAY: see your true self for the first time, reignite your spark, find your power, understand the true nature of who you are, bring awareness of why your life is the way it is and provoke within to write a new story. It is my wish to unleash within you – a desire to love your body, but not be defined by it. Movement with dance or whatever feels natural will follow to help move the energy through the body and a photo shoot to capture it all. Once you feel ready, it is time to hit the showers and reflect on the experience as you watch your old self let go and melt down the drain. I close the session with another sage ritual to cleanse you of any energy that no longer serves you. One 30-minute coaching session with me is also included as a tool to help navigate through what this session unearths when you feel guided to use it. 

Please honour that this is a very unique experience and may not be the right divine time for you. It is required that you fill out the questionnaire below prior to making an appointment and please submit it to Once reviewed, a quick 20 minute conversation will follow to see if this is the right fit in your healing journey.

“My inner warrior goddess has been awakened”

“My healing body painting with Charmen was incredible! The whole experience made me feel more present, confident and have a deeper self awareness. I left feeling motivated to change my perspective and let go of negativity I had been holding on to. Charmen created a safe, open space which allowed me to focus on the healing vibrations of the process and free the mind. I floated out of the session feeling powerful and free.”

” Rejuvenating because it was like I was given this new energy to put out to the universe and it felt/feels amazing”

“This experience for me was magical, calming and rejuvenating. Magical because it made me feel absolutely beautiful like I had never seen myself before and that still has not changed. Calming because although at first i was nervous, once it started i just felt relaxed, calm and liberating.”

THE INVESTMENT : $555.00 to be paid in full prior to the appointment via bank transfer.