Love and Authenticity Coaching

Every Step you choose not to take towards your dreams is the exact reason you are standing where you are today ~ C. Kuzio

In 2013, I finally quenched my yearning and took my first solo trip to New Zealand and had the time of my life. I grew up on a farm in Central Alberta, Canada not far from a small village. I graduated with 7 people in my class. My world was small but I have always had big dreams and after visiting New Zealand one of them was to move there. I will never forget the call I was on with my mom bawling my eyes out. I had just returned from my trip and had broken up with someone who was very dear to me. All I could say was, “I want to move to New Zealand.” On the other end, my amazing mom replied, “no you don’t, you are just hurting right now.” Fast forward to November 2022, that very unhealthy relationship did not completely end until I was on a plane following my heart and moving to New Zealand.

We can make a million excuses not to do something especially if it scares us or feels too unreachable. When it requires hard work, dedication, going against the grain and the belief that you are worthy of the things you truly want most in this life. I chose to believe that my mom was right, I chose to stay in a relationship that made me feel unworthy. I chose to believe that I was not capable or strong enough to move my whole life to New Zealand. As you can see, it took me 9 years to sort through the bull shit, the stories of limiting beliefs, and programming just to get to this point and I know my healing journey isn’t over. That being said, I am living proof that no matter who you are, where you come from, you can live your dreams. The road to self healing is not easy, but I promise you it will be the most rewarding adventure you can ever give yourself. You are the only thing standing in your way and you have the choice every day as to how you want to live it.

What limiting stories are you telling yourself?

Have you ever wondered why you react to certain things, get triggered, or you notice that the same patterns keep happening in your life and no matter how many times you have tried to change the outcome, before you know it, you are on autopilot with the same end result. Like attracting the same type of partner, buying unnecessary things, over eating, not being able to save money, feeling bad for yelling at your kids or partner. Having a hard time communicating your needs, wants, feelings. Have you ever noticed the internal dialog you have within yourself? I’m not smart enough, I could never do that, I hate the way my body looks, I’m not strong enough, I don’t fit in…. These are limiting beliefs and patterns we develop in childhood and bring them along for the ride into adulthood. Our subconscious mind rules us, literally. Have you ever said, “I know better!” It’s because the conscious mind does know better but because we tend to react first rather than sit back and access the situation, it’s our subconscious mind that takes over.

Once a limiting belief is placed in the subconscious, experiences in your life will keep reiterating that limiting belief and make it concrete to the point that it becomes your truth. Hence the saying your beliefs create your reality. Your subconscious is only trying to protect you, keep you safe by creating the illusions you have created for yourself. So now we have a limiting belief, with emotions attached to it, which then becomes a persona~ an unhealed part of yourself that comes out when certain stimuli triggers you. Every persona has a need and that need will not go away if you ignore it, shove it down, or pretend it doesn’t exist. Whatever you reject will keep showing up until it is heard or the need is met in an undesirable way.

Through coaching we learn how to identify triggers, patterns and limiting beliefs and get to the root cause. We learn how to deal with them in a safe, non-judgemental space where we learn to get curious and dive deep into our emotions and subconscious instead of ignoring them, shoving them down and storing them in the body, hoping they will go away. We learn how to change perspectives, create new behaviours, boundaries and ultimately learn to love yourself just as you are so that you can start manifesting the life you have always wanted!!

Sessions can be done in person or on-line in the comfort of your home!!

  • 15 min ~ $15.00
  • 30 min ~ $30.00
  • 45 min ~ $ 45.00
  • 60 min ~ $60.00

If sessions require more time and agreed upon both parties, $1.00/min will be charged in addition to the original session amount.